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Click on a word to get an explanation of term. Short, concise business jargon explained clearly and to the point. Examples used where appropriate. We appreciate that some terms have a different meaning in different industries and we will be glad to add your explanation for your specific industry. Please email at dictionary@scopulus.co.uk. This business dictionary has general meanings as well as industry specific meanings.

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See legal documents for explanation of different contracts and agreements. Reference here to understand terms.




                                              Adjusted earnings


                                              Administration order

                                              Administrative Court



                                              Admiralty Court

                                              Admission of evidence


                                              Adultery - Legal

                                              Advance information

                                              Advanced fee fraud

                                              Advantages of Revenue


                                              Advertising Standards Authority






                                              Affiliate agreement

                                              Affiliate Marketing



                                              Age admitted

                                              Age Relief

                                              Agency agreement



                                              Aggregate Demand

                                              Aggregate holding company

                                              Aggregate Supply

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