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Click on a word to get an explanation of term. Short, concise business jargon explained clearly and to the point. Examples used where appropriate. We appreciate that some terms have a different meaning in different industries and we will be glad to add your explanation for your specific industry. Please email at dictionary@scopulus.co.uk. This business dictionary has general meanings as well as industry specific meanings.

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See legal documents for explanation of different contracts and agreements. Reference here to understand terms.




                                              Ear candy

                                              Earned income

                                              Earned value Analysis

                                              Earning asset


                                              Easter egg

                                              Easy mark




                                              Economic Capital

                                              Economically Inactive





                                              Effective Exchange Rate

                                              Ei incumbit probatio qui

                                              Elephant Hunt

                                              Email client




                                              Eminant Domain



                                              Employment contracts

                                              Employment rules and regulations




                                              Encryption -

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Copyright Licence
Use this document to protect your copyright material and earn some royalties in a licence
Price: 17.99
Last Will and Testament
Protect your loved ones when they will need it most. This simple form can do this
Price: 7.99
Partnership Agreement
This legal document is for when two or more people come together to form a business.
Price: 31.99
Patent Licence
This document will grant a licence to a third party to use your patented idea for Royalties
Price: 17.99

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