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Letter P - Business Terms and Business Jargon explained

Click on a word to get an explanation of term. Short, concise business jargon explained clearly and to the point. Examples used where appropriate. We appreciate that some terms have a different meaning in different industries and we will be glad to add your explanation for your specific industry. Please email at This business dictionary has general meanings as well as industry specific meanings.

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See legal documents for explanation of different contracts and agreements. Reference here to understand terms.

                                              Pensions Ombudsman

                                              Per curiam

                                              Per minas

                                              Per quod

                                              Per stirpes

                                              Percentage of Annual Revenue From Online Sales

                                              Percentage Rent

                                              Performers Rights

                                              Period Entry



                                              Perquisite (perk)

                                              Personal data

                                              Personal Rights

                                              PERT chart






                                              Petty Cash



                                              Pillars of the EU

                                              Pilot Operation


                                              Place Of Supply






                                              Political equity

                                              Political Risk

                                              Portfolio Analysis

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