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UK Limited Company Formations
Professional Packages

(Not to be confused with lesser packages)

The whole idea of this system is that you get an experienced qualified company secretary to form the company for you. He not only checks the application for you for errors and foreseeable problems he also confirms the details with you. This gives you a number of benefits the best being that you now have a contact that is a professional (once you have ordered) who is very familiar with the companies acts and the relevant working practices. If you have any queries in the future or need to change your structure then you have a very good contact to help you, especially when there are changes in the law.

You pay a bit more for this but at best with other services you get to speak or can contact a customer service staff who will not be qualified. Remember with current regulation you do not need to be qualified to set up companies. We thought it was best to start off on the right foot. We know we did. Get it right first time.

Limited company formations are now being processed using specially-approved Companies House software, which does not require you to sign forms 12 and 10. The whole process, if you choose, can be done by completing an online form and the formation agent will check and confirm your details before completing the process for you.

Your limited company registration will be set up as a general trading company, in a process refined by top professionals from years of experience. This cuts out some of the red tape that can be associated with company formations and administering limited companies, so that you can concentrate on running your business knowing that the professionals have done their job.

Company formation includes:

  • Process and information checked by a professional
  • Compliance with COMPANIES ACT 2006
  • Limited liability company registration
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Companies House Fees included in price
  • Completed Statutory Register (required by law to be at the registered office)
    • Register of Applications and allotments
    • Register of Transfers
    • Register of Mortgages and Charges
    • Register of Debentures
    • Register of Members and Share Ledgers
    • Register of Directors
    • Register of Secretaries
    • Register of Documents Sealed/Executed
  • Company's Memorandum of Association
  • Company's Articles of Association
  • Share Certificates


Full Electronic Formatted Package...£60  + VAT
Full Paper Bounded Package............£125 + VAT


  • Registered Office   £50 pa + VAT

  • Company Secretary £50 pa + VAT

  • Company Seal             £25   + VAT


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What do you need before you start?

  • Choose a company Name.
  • There must be at least one company director.
  • (optional) One company secretary. (Must be different from the company director if there is only one director).
  • Registered office or one can be provided (see extras).
  • You will need to decide how many authorised shares there will be.
  • You will need to decide how many shares are issued and to whom. 
  • Personal details of the above persons.
  • A few security questions will be asked for each officer of the company.
    ( National Insurance Number, Town of Birth, Colour of Eyes)


Please check the name's availability before ordering as this will save time and avoid any complications before the process begins. A company's name cannot be too similar to any company name that already exists. When you click on the UK company search services link please enter the proposed company name in the box provided and do a search. A list of company names will be produced, in alphabetical order. The company name nearest to your proposed name will appear in the middle of the list. If your proposed name is taken, Companies House will not set up the company and you will need to pick an alternative name. 

If you set up a company that is allowed but a company feels that it is too similar to its company name, they can register an objection for your company name to be changed. This can be done within one year of your incorporation or they may bring a passing-off action in the courts. This may or may not be upheld depending on a number of factors.

If you want a company name which includes special words you will need to show justification for using that word, e.g. group, bank, insurance, etc. You will be advised if this is necessary and what is required.

Reasons for using this professional package.

The difference between this service and other company formation packages on the internet, is that a professional, who has formed countless companies before, will check the information you supply and then, once they have confirmed that it is correct and that there are no mistakes, will submit it to Companies House on your behalf. This is what we call the Personal Professional Touch.

The UK limited company would be formed in your name from the very beginning. This means that you choose the shareholders (owners), registered office and directors from incorporation, ie, rather than having the formations agent do it, as with ‘off the shelf’ limited companies. There are two major advantages of incorporation as opposed to buying off the shelf. First, when you buy off the shelf you have to transfer ownership of the company, change its name and pay tax on the transfer of shares - a tedious process that does not apply to the incorporation service we offer. Secondly, incorporation simplifies the credit checking process, which means that you are more likely to be approved. If you use an ‘off the shelf’ company then a bank or a potential supplier will have to go through the following process and questions:

  1. A check will have to be done to see who has operated your company since its incorporation.
  2. Did it trade before it was transferred to you?
  3. Why did it change its name? Was it bought off the shelf or did it decide to change its image because of a bad reputation?
  4. A credit check may be needed on the old directors.
  5. A credit check will be needed on the current directors.

If you simply use our service to form a limited company, however, they check the company and they do a credit check on directors. And that’s it - the process is much less time-consuming. No complications or question marks.

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The National Criminal Intelligence service has issued company formation agents money laundering guidance notes, where in certain circumstances we may be obliged to seek evidence of identity from customers.

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