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Why not save yourself time and money with our extremely affordable, professionally pre-prepared legal documents. These templates are very easy to use and understand. Pick a document, and download.

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Downloading the right documents will contribute to protecting you legally when confronted with problems and conflicts and may be a legal requirement. Solicitors who are at the top of their profession in this sector have drafted these superior templates.

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We currently do not create bespoke contracts for clients as a service. The idea is you can see the drafting note/templates a solicitor would use to create the documents and therefore give yourself an insight so you do not omit anything. When you are experienced with enough acumen, you can create the documents yourself and get a solicitor to give it the once over as you have had a chance to think about what you want it to cover and how (This will reduce your solicitors cost dramatically). One of the most important parts of creating these documents is defining what you want them to cover.

As many businesses and professionals will have these contract agreements as standard. There is no reason why your business should not have them too. Do not leave yourself and your business unprotected or worse, negligent! The more you have the more protected you are.

Get an insight into these documents and work out how they can assist and protect you and you business. Also with small adjustments, you can use these documents in other countries and legal jurisdictions.

We have priced these documents deliberately quite low to help you obtain your goals, as this is one of our goals. Some of these professionally prepared documents can save you hundreds if not thousands of pounds if something goes wrong and you are unprotected without the correct paperwork. It is always better and much safer to be prepared.

Download these affordable off-the-shelf documents when you are starting a business, you already are in business, or when you are just looking at your options to get to the next level. Have a look round. We have a wide range of professional legal documents to fit your requirements at very reasonable prices. We also have family documents to help you protect them and yourself in difficult situations. You can download immediately after payment. Legal documents online now.

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Business Documents

Business Documents

Important documents that is essential in the normal course of business. These documents are for sole traders, companies and partnerships of any size. Without the correctly worded agreements, you may be at risk.

Agency Agreement  Confirmation of Verbal Agreement  Consultancy Agreement  Joint Venture Agreement   Memorandum of Understanding  Partnership Agreement  Standard Terms and Conditions  Standard Terms and Conditions - Goods and Service  Standard Terms and Conditions of Service  



These documents will assist you in complying with the law and give you protection at different levels. It is important to communicate and agree with your staff all policies and procedures as well as terms of service.

Credit Debt Documents

Credit Debt Documents

Giving your customers credit is all part of being in business. The problem is you need to collect money owed to you. These documents will help you to formulate your credit criteria with added protection were possible. It will tell you what you need to know as well as assist you in the collection process.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

If you or your company generate ideas or materials that are important to you and generate revenue, you should protect your interests with the appropriate agreements. Our documents include confidentiality agreements as well as copyright, patent and trade mark licences.

Internet Documents

Internet Documents

The law protects the intellectual and consumer rights of individuals and companies on the Internet. Companies should protect themselves with the appropriate agreements and software licences and ensure that their customers agree to them. You need to understand some basics if you are doing e-commerce.

Property Documents

Property Documents

These tenancy agreements will help and protect both parties, contributing to the smooth functioning of the rental, giving peace of mind to everyone. There is a useful pack on how to deal with noisy neighbours.

Family Personal

Family Personal

Selected legal documents used by individuals, couples and families that relate to finance, relationships, property, children and money. Having the correct documents can protect you and your loved ones when the unexpected happens. This includes last will and testament and relationship documents.

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If you are just starting a business or you just want to check and update your current documents, you’re in the right place.

All Last Will and Testaments

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Why use our top quality legal documents.

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  6. Save money on legal fees.
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  12. Download immediately after purchase, or later with order ID and password - the choice is yours.
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