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Affiliate Partners Program.
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We offer 16% commission on the sale of every document.

If you would like to earn 16% on sales made through a link to us from your site, it is as easy as filling out a simple form, setting up the links and watching the sales come in.

Main Features:

  • We make payments once a monthly for the month before were total commission is over 25.
  • If you earn less then 25 commission in a given month then it is rolled over into the next month.
  • Cookies last 30 days so you will earn commission long after the customers visits your site. (if cookies are deleted by user, there is nothing we can do, sorry.)
  • You can opt for email notification of sales.

Program requirements:

  1. You manage one or more websites.
  2. Open an account by filling in a small form. Click on the go button at the top of page.
  3. Place links on your website to generate affiliate sales.
  4. Wait to see the sales roll in.

NO Spamming is permitted under any circumstance.

How to set up affiliate links

Linking to us can be by text or picture and can be to any page that ends in a .php and then adding "?PARTNER=name" were the name is your affiliate id. e.g if your id is "bus253"  or

We are always thinking of new ideas and if you have any get in contact with us to discuss. We are happy to discuss how best to integrate into your website by size, design and visitors type. Contact us.

We can even set up a Google style adverts as in our articles homepage and in the definitions in the business jargon section if your pages are in php or can compile php. This can be a vertical or horizontal set of adverts up to 4 ads long and you can pick which document you want to promote which are relevant to your site.

You can also put a pulldown box as in our homepage if you prefer.


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