Cohabitation Agreement

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Cohabitation Agreement

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Both heterosexual and gay couples in a relationship outside marriage can benefit from a formal written agreement in the form of a Cohabitation Agreement.

Couples who decide not to get married but agree to live together should always consider the legal implications of this decision. Addressing these implications in advance will protect both parties in the future if they decide to separate.

Separation will be the last thing on your mind when you decide to live with someone, but it is sensible to look on this agreement as an insurance policy. As with all insurance, you hope you will never need it, but you will have some level of protection if things do not work out.

Key issues addressed are:

  • Who is going to pay for what?
  • Who will get the property?
  • How will you split the possessions?
  • Will each own the furniture and assets they bring to the relationship?
  • Who gets furniture you buy together?
  • Who gets the car?
  • And as the relationship goes along will things change?
  • Will the equity in the property be shared differently if you stay together for five, ten years, etc?
  • What happens to the children?
  • Bank accounts

Cohabiting couples do not have the same rights as married couples under the law. Most of the above matters concerning married couples are already determined in the law by many cases and precedents, but in the case of cohabitation, YOU can decide what applies and how to your situation through this agreement. A Cohabitation Agreement is not necessarily enforceable or binding, but is becoming increasingly more influential.

It is used as evidence to the court that:

  • Both of you have both talked about the situation.
  • Both of you come to an agreement.
  • You have both agreed to the terms.
  • Both of you agreed to have it in writing as evidence.

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You will also want to change your Last Will and Testament.

Documents included:

  • Cohabitation Agreement - Template
  • FREE BONUS - Explanation of the Cohabitation Agreement

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These standard legal templates can be adjusted to any industry and country as required. Use for drafting before formalizing arrangements. All these documents are from professionals in this field. You can amend this cohabitation agreement to suit your precise requirements by adjusting the wording to suit your purposes. This cohabitation agreement is a template created by Legal Professionals.

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