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We sourced these legal documents from an extremely respected legal professional who obtained these professionally drafted documents from one of this country's top legal firms. In fact, we had to negotiate in a boardroom, on the top floor, in an investment house to persuade them. You can be absolutely assured of the quality and technical excellence of any template you buy from here. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - below.

Instructions - What To Do

  1. Go to the main page and search for the document you require by clicking on a category, using the search document box or browsing the A-Z Document Index.

  2. Click on the "Add to Cart" button.

  3. You will be taken to stage one of the checkout process with your item now in your shopping cart. When you click on the checkout button you will be taken to stage two of the checkout process or you can click on continue shopping to add another document and come back to checkout process later.

  4. Stage two you will be asked for your standard customer / invoice details (SSL secure). If you have a Discounts code, then you can input it here and also opt-in to our business newsletter (double opt-in) as well as choosing your method of payment.

  5. At stage three, checkout will confirm your order before sending you to another secure server at PayPal. Buy with confidence, they are the best and most well-known and respected secure payment service providers in the industry. Payments can be made 24/7/365.

  6. When your credit card company authorises the transaction you should return back to our site, were you can download your documents and print out a receipt. (When using PayPal please remember to click back to our website after payment to get to the download page). An email will also be sent to you with a link from which you can download the document. The link is valid for 3 days. You can download any time within that period. Outside this period please email us.

  7. Bought documents will be in the form of a zip file. Download this file and save it. When you click on the file, it will open and show you all the documents in both PDF and Word for Windows format. You can open these documents from there or unzip the zip file first into a folder.

  8. Use the documents with a program that opens either word for windows documents (.doc files) or adobe (.pdf files). The templates can be edited from these programs or copied and pasted into any document editor of your choosing to be edited, saved and printed.

  9. You should read the template and any instructions and notes included before changing the template to suit your circumstances and requirements.

  10. Once you have change the template to your fit your requirements, save the file. You can print for signing or copy and paste into other documents as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use these documents in other countries?

Yes. With small adjustments, you can use these documents in other countries and legal jurisdictions. When you are dealing with parties from other countries then it is always advisable to get trade/credit references that we supply in our debit and credit section.

Most of the relevant documents have a clause "subject to English courts and jurisdiction". For those who have contracts and supplying goods and services to customers in other countries and jurisdictions, you can easily change this clause if you want too.

How many times can I use the document?

As many times as you want. The only limitation is that it is for one entity only. That can be an individual, company, charity, etc.

Do you create bespoke documents?

No. We currently do not create bespoke contracts for clients as part of the service. The idea is that you can see the drafting note/templates that a solicitor would use to create the documents and therefore give yourself an insight so you do not omit anything.

When you are experienced with enough acumen then you can create the documents yourself and get a solicitor to give it the once over as you have had a chance to think about what you want it to cover and how. (This can reduce your solicitors cost dramatically) One of the most important parts of creating these documents is defining what you want it to cover.

What programs do I need to use the files?

Either Adobe editor or Word for Windows.

When you do not have an Adobe editor you can get the reader click here - it is free and industry standard for the distribution of business documents. You should copy and pasted the file content to another word processing application to edit and save.

When you do not have a program that can open the Word for Windows (.doc) file. You can download ApiWord, an application that can open the (.doc) file. You can then edit the file, save and print. File size: 6.3MB (download), 16.9MB (installed).

All recent OS system can open zip files. You can however download free software on the internet. One free program is  7-Zip Portable.

Why do I need these documents?

Because most of these documents are standard. In addition, some of these professionally prepared documents can save you hundreds if not thousand of pounds when something goes wrong compared with not having the correct paperwork and therefore unprotected. It is always better and much safer to have them.

What can I do with these templates and notes?

These templates, forms and notes can be used for:

  • Understanding the contract. policy or agreement

  • Drafting purposes

  • For updating your current documents

  • To correct or adjust what you are currently using

How do I save money?

The cost of getting a solicitor to write these documents from scratch is in the hundreds and thousands depending on whom you get and if they do it themselves. It is much cheaper to get them to look over and correct if needed an already made document. If you download and draft the document yourself, you get the opportunity to take your time and decide what you want it to cover which will reduce the time and cost needed with a solicitor.

Do you have Discounts?

Yes we do! We announce special discounts via our Newsletter. We have also just set up a new Discounts page.

I still have a question

We are very happy to help when we can. Please just ask.


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All documents are from professionals in this field. These standard documents can be amended to suit your precise commercial requirements by adjusting the wording to suit your purposes.

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