Last Will and Testament - No Children

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Last Will and Testament - No Children

Template Created by Legal Experts

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When there are no children involved then this Last Will and Testament template is for you. You can leave your estate and gifts to your spouse/partner, family members and/or friends.

Other Wills Available:

In the download we have included Two FREE additional documents. This and the free information revealed on this page will give you what you need to know before making your Will. (See below).

Simply download, read, change a few details and you are almost finished!

Why Make a Will

Making a Will is very important and sadly often forgotten. When you die without a Will, then you are dying "intestate" where the government and the law determine what happens to your estate, instead of you. This is not always what you would think or expect.

Not having a Will can cause increased stress, confusion, arguments, and extortionate legal fees for your loved ones, which you can avoid.

It would be your husband, wife, partner, mother, father, brother, sister, children or a friend who will have to pick up the pieces. Make it easier for them.

Even when you do not have many assets to speak of, this will save your loved ones a lot of time, money and hassle. When you have property, bank accounts and/or any type of investments, then having a last will and testament is extremely advisable. This last will and testament allows you to control your estate when you die.

Your estate is the total assets you have accumulated over the course of your life. This is the total sum of possessions, property and money at the time of your death less any outstanding debts.

Legal Requirements For a Valid Will

  1. It must be made by a person who is 18 years old or older.
  2. It must be made voluntarily without any pressure or duress from any other person.
  3. It must be made by a person who is of sound mind. This means the person must be fully aware of the nature of the document being written and aware of the property and identify of the people who will inherit.
  4. It must be made be in writing.
  5. It must be signed by the person making the will in the presence of two witnesses.
  6. It must be signed by the two witnesses, in the presence of the person making the will.

Please Note:

  • The two witnesses should not benefit or inherit under the will. If they do then they forfeit their inheritance.
  • The two witnesses should not be directly related to a beneficiary.
  • The Executor/Executrix should not be one of the witnesses.
  • It is not a legal requirement for a solicitor to be a witness.
  • The Will should be dated. Problems can arise when there is more than one Will.
  • Your Last Will does not need to be drafted by a solicitor to be legal.
  • Remember to change your last will and testament when your circumstances change, i.e. your marriage status changes.
  • The Executor/Executrix can be a beneficiary.

As this is a template, you have the freedom to change it at any time when your circumstances change or you simply change your mind. Just adjust and date your new last will and testament, add the necessary signatures and destroy the old will.

What You Need to Do

  1. You need to decide whom you want to be your Executor/Executrix, the person who will manage your estate after you die.
  2. You need to decide who you want to leave gifts to and in what circumstances, this is optional.
  3. You will need two witnesses to your signature (see above).
  4. You need to decide on a safe place or person to keep hold of your Last Will and Testament where it can easily be located and identified when you die (see Free report included).

Tax Planning

This last will and testament was designed for individuals who do not need any tax planning. To decide this you will need to know your inheritance tax exemption limits. This will help you to decide at what stage the benefits exceed the cost of tax planning.

The 2017/2018 inheritance tax exemption threshold is 325,000 for an individual, which doubles to 650,000 when you are married. Estates worth less than the threshold will normally have no inheritance tax to pay, making tax planning redundant.

Married couples who leave everything to their spouses in a Will have no tax to pay when transferring everything to their wife or husband (no limit).

In addition, when you and your spouse/partner are joint tenants in a property, the property is taken out of the equation and is not included in the calculation of your estate for inheritance tax purposes.

What you can do with this Will

  1. Revoke all other wills and codicils
  2. Appoint your Executor/Executrix
  3. Decide on funeral arrangements
  4. Leave gifts to individuals or organisations
  5. Decide who gets the rest of the estate after expenses and gifts
  6. Add other wishes

In your last will and testament you can nominate who you want to be in charge of dealing with your affairs and also who will benefit, how they will benefit, and in what circumstances.

Because it's Quick, Legal and under ten pounds!

View Sample Last Will & Testament - no children

Documents Included

  1. Last Will and Testament - No Children - Template
  2. +FREE BONUS - Where to keep your Will (value 4.99)
  3. +FREE BONUS - 6 Things to Do When Someone Dies (value 7.99)

You get the above files in both pdf format document.pdf and word for windows document.doc Word format.
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You may not know when you are going to die, some don't want to think about it, however acting responsibly will help reduce the pressure on your loved ones and puts you in control.


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Save yourself money and time by drafting your own documents. One of the benefits is that you now understand this document better and know what is in it rather than letting a solicitor guess what you need and want. All these documents are from professionals in this field. You can amend this last will and testament to suit your precise requirements by adjusting the wording to suit your purposes. This last will and testament is a template created by Legal Professionals. Free documents are valued at the minimum price we would sell them separately.

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