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Pre-Nuptial Agreement

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Pre-Nuptial Agreement

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If youíre reading this itís likely you are planning to get married Ė Congratulations. However, according to the Guardian newspaper (December 2011) one in three marriages ends in divorce.

This Pre-Nuptial Agreement is for couples before they get married. It outlines how the couple will own, share and use their estates during their married life and in the worst case scenario, when things do not work out as hoped.

This is what makes a pre-nuptial agreement so valuable as it outlines how a couple will share their assets if their relationship flounders. It's a pragmatic, sensible approach and such agreements are no longer the reserve of the rich and famous.

Because the cost of divorce can be considerable, this timely £34.99 investment in this pre-nuptial agreement can save you thousands of pounds in legal costs and disputed assets; and this excludes potential claims on pension entitlements and future earnings. Our user-friendly document is legally compliant, written by qualified professionals and can be adapted for any outcome you agree with your partner.

Main Reason For Getting a Pre-nuptial Agreement

  1. You are richer than your partner.
  2. You earn a lot more than your partner.
  3. You have children from a previous relationship.
  4. Your partner has children from a previous relationship.
  5. Your partner has loads of debts.
  6. You own a business or part of one.
  7. You don't want to find out later they married you for the wrong reasons. 

How Do You Approach Your Partner About This?

Just because youíre considering a pre-nuptial agreement it doesnít mean you lack any commitment to the relationship. It would be like claiming someone has a death wish simply because they have taken out a life insurance policy. No, you are simply ensuring if the worst happens, you and your family will not be further harmed by the financial and emotional cost of a very expensive divorce.

Neither of you can afford to rely on the naÔve "it will never happen to usí" philosophy. When you do, fine, sign the document anyway, what does it matter? Just as you cannot anticipate being involved in a fatal accident, divorce can also be due to things beyond your individual control with behaviour and adultery accounting for 55% of divorces. Surely, it makes sense to protect yourself, your assets, family relationships, and your own mental well-being by minimising potential arguments, long-term anger and stress.

It Can Make Your Relationship Much Stronger!

Sit down and discuss both your future financial plans and expectations will form a concrete foundation for your marriage.

Your pre-nuptial agreement must also be signed twenty one days BEFORE you marry. Download now and get your Free Last Will and Testaments packages for you and your partner.

Documents included:

  • Pre-Nuptial Agreement - Template
  • FREE - Last Will and Testament Package (x2 value £15.98)

You get the above files in both pdf format document.pdf and word for windows document.doc Word format.
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These standard contracts can be amended to suit your precise commercial requirements. Adjust the wording to suit your purposes. When you are getting married the wedding is only the beginning, however it may not be the end. These uk legal documents are from professionals in this field. You can amend this prenuptial agreement to suit your precise requirements by adjusting the wording to suit your purposes. This prenuptial agreement template was created by Legal Professionals. Tags: Wedding, marriage, married, Pre Nuptial

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