Standard Terms and Conditions of Service

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Standard Terms and Conditions of Service

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Your terms and conditions of service will detail the service you supply and what is expected from your customers to start and complete the service. It is imperative you both do not assume what is expected from each other, as this can lead to problems.

You can adapted this expertly constructed standard terms and conditions to any type of business which offers a service.

When you are starting a business, these terms and conditions are a simple, cost-effective way of insuring the job is completed and agreed upon by both you and the customer.

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  • Because a proper business always have terms and conditions.
  • Because you can use these terms and conditions in all your contracts.
  • Because you will be legally protected.

It is also vital to ensure your terms and conditions actually apply to the contract of service. To ensure they do, agree to them before or at the time of the contract.

You can do this by sending your terms and conditions to the customer, and have them signed and returned to you. In addition, you can have them in your brochures, on your website and on the reverse of your order form.

Simply having only the terms and conditions on the reverse of an invoice on delivery of the service when they have not been previously agreed too, will mean your terms and conditions will not apply, unless the client had access or agreed to them as above.

When you are giving credit then please look at our debit and credit section also.

This is an easy and cost-effective method of creating your terms and conditions. When you choose this download package and its additional documents, it will assist you to use and understand this document for your business requirements. Order now and understand what you need to do.

Making your terms and conditions correct and legally binding will protect your business.

Documents Included:

  • Standard Terms and Conditions of Service - Template
  • FREE BONUS Explanation of Standard Terms and Conditions of Service
  • FREE BONUS - Invoice Template
  • FREE BONUS - Invoice Template Notes

You get the above files in both pdf format document.pdf and word for windows document.doc Word format.
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A question we get a lot is "what's the difference between a consultant and providing a service?"  One of the main differences is "Your Fee". In general, a consultant provides an advisory or higher-level skilled service, who may or may not do the work required depending on what has been negotiated and agreed to in the consultancy agreement.

A service provider gives a standard or set/fixed service. For example, a painter and decorator provides a service while an interior designer is a consultant because he or she advises on style and design and can also plan and get the work completed when contracted to do so.

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Get your professional Legal and business template and forms produced by experts. Used by many individuals and businesses both in the UK and abroad. All these documents are from professionals in this field. You can amend this standard terms and condition of service to suit your precise commercial requirements by adjusting the wording to suit your purposes. This Standard Terms and Conditions of Service is a template created by Legal Professionals.

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