Tenancy Agreement

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Tenancy Agreement

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You've invested a lot in your property. Not only did you pay the original expense to purchase it, but you also continuously put time and money into its care and upkeep. After everything that you've spent to keep your property in prime condition, you want to ensure that it is well looked after and respected by your tenants.

This tenancy agreement protects your freehold property or commercial property.

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Our tenancy agreement template includes standard legalese used in shorthold tenancy agreement contracts for both freehold private and commercial properties. All of the information necessary to create a legally binding tenancy agreement is available in our easy-to-use tenancy agreement template, including:

  • Start date
  • Rent amount
  • Rent payment method
  • Deposit
  • Deposit Protection Service
  • Bills
  • Damages
  • Landlord obligations
  • Tenantsí obligations
  • Council tax
  • Remedies for breaches
  • Notice period
  • Inventory
Please Note: When you do not use a tenancy agreement, your tenant can acquire rights to your property you did not anticipate and can take months of legal wrangling to sort out. You may also find it very difficult to get your property back. This will result in you losing months worth of rent and you still must pay the mortgage.

The user-friendly format of our tenancy agreement template allows you to simply plug in the pertinent information, print and then sign. Just five minutes is all it takes to complete a legal shorthold tenancy agreement and spare yourself the aggravation and expense that can come with legal battles that arise when tenancy agreement contracts are not put in place.

To further protect yourself, be sure to complete an entire inventory of your property once the agreement is signed. Make an assessment of the condition of any items on the property that are not in new condition, so that you have a list to refer to should your tenant complain in the future. For your convenience, our tenancy agreement template comes with a check-in/out form that you can use to record your inventory as well as a rent record spreadsheet to track payments from tenants. The courts and DPS will want to see evidence you have kept records.

With this special offer, you'll receive both bonus documents plus our plug-in shorthold tenancy agreement form for far less than the price you'd pay to have a solicitor draw up similar documents. Get started on the path to protecting yourself and your property by purchasing our template and downloading it today.

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Documents included in Download

  • Tenancy Agreement - House/Freehold Property - Template
  • FREE BONUS - Check-In/Check-Out Inventory Report - Template
  • FREE BONUS - Rent Record - Spreadsheet .xls

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Use this professional template used by many other business professionals. All these documents are from professionals in this field. You can amend this tenancy agreement to suit your precise commercial requirements by adjusting the wording to suit your purposes. This tenancy agreement is a template created by Legal Professionals.

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