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Slovenia Value added tax (VAT) Section

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Slovenia VAT Rates From 1st May 2014 - INCREASE CANCELLED!!!

Slovenia VAT Rates From 1st July 2013

Standard Rate 22%
Reduced Rate 9.5%

Slovenia VAT Rates From 1st January 2002

Standard Rate 20%
Reduced Rate 8.5%

Slovenia VAT Rates From 1st July 1999

Standard Rate 19%
Reduced Rate 8%

Last updated: 8th April, 2014 - UK Legal Documents

Appraisal Policy
This appraisal policy outlines the how a business has towards appraising its employees
Price: 18.99
Copyright Licence
Use this document to protect your copyright material and earn some royalties in a licence
Price: 17.99
Equal Opportunity Policy
Protects the rights of individuals and the company and let everyone know where they stand
Price: 18.99
Partnership Agreement
This legal document is for when two or more people come together to form a business.
Price: 31.99

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