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This section of online programs and gadgets can make your life a little easier and/or save you time. Most of these business tools are for reference. Some of these tools are here for you to just have a break or learn something new. When you have a suggestion, please feel free to send suggestions via our contact form and tell us about a tool you would like to see or have seen. This section is growing. If we like it, and its useful, then we will add it.

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Currency Converter

Unit Converter

Temperature Converter.htm

Morse Code Converter


QR Code Generator

Document to PDF

Barcode Generator

Create a To Do List

Create a To Do List + save

Computer Shortcuts

National Holidays

Stopwatch and Countdown




English Pronouncing Dictionary

Sign Language Tool

Maths / Science

Scientific Calculator

Quartic Equation Solver

Logarithm Calculator

Complex Number Calculator

Periodic Table

Atmosphere Calculator

Passwords - Secrets

MD5 Password

8 Digit Password

Vigenere Cipher

Programming / Internet

HTML Editor online

Internet Speed Test

HTML to code converter

Binary / Decimal Converter

Colour Code

HTML Character Code

Whois Server

Chmod Calculator

Keyword Density Cloud

Reciprocal Link Checker

Financial / Markets

World Stock Market Indexes

World Interest Rates

Changes in Exchange Rates

Mortgage Calculator

Compounding Interest Calculator

Break Even Calculator

Gold Silver and Platinum Prices

Balance Sheet - Financial Ratios


Bitcoin Current Market Prices

Altcoins Market Prices

Date Time Tools

World Time Zones

Current Moon Phase

Chinese Calendar

Hebrew Date

World Tools

Check Flight Status

Population Census

World Weather Forecasts

World Currencies Codes

travel Distance Calculator

UK Travel

AA Route Finder

Instant UK Traffic

Travel Planner

Tube Status

United Kingdom Postcode Areas

US Travel

US Driving Directions

USA Zipcode Lookup


Puzzles / Tests


Mental Workout

Anagram Finder


Brain Tuner

Chess Puzzle

Word Search Puzzle

Tower of Hanoi



Flash Golf






Poux similar to Bejeweled


Bubble wrap Stress Relief

Snake (old school)


Blood Alcohol Content Calculator

BMI Calculator

Calorie Calculator

Zen Meditation Chimes

Alexander Technique

Virtual Weight Loss


Online Painter

Art of Renoir


Search Bible

Ceefax tv

Guitar Chords Tool

Live radio and TV

Dilbert Comics










These programs, gadgets and widgets are provided from other website and we can not be held responsible for the data it provides and how it preforms. If anything seems wrong please let us know straight away and we will either take it off the site and/ or get a better replacement.

These free business tools are very useful for business people and academics. We put this tools section together partly as a helpful reference section.




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