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Great game. Will keep you sharp. Similar to Bejeweled puzzle game. Brought to you by Wielee. Back to business tools.

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Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

PaaS Net worth CTR Patent Pools
Rights Issues Log file Tax Shift GTC
Ratification Batch production Net Assets Bullionism
Penetration Testing Donor Barrister London Agreement
Ex cathedra Special Commissioner Workout Book value
Fiscal Territory Phishing Customs Duty Utilities Company
Merchant Bank Ad infinitum Annul Annuitant
Voir Dire Quaere Bespoke BOGOFF
Pupillage Liquidity Alternative investment Hedging
Past Service Domicile Discount allowed Financial Conglomerate

Scopulus.co.uk - UK Legal Documents

Cohabitation Crisis Pack
This document gives advice to a couple who have separated or who are about to separate.
Price: £17.99
Data Protection Policy
This policy sets out employees’ rights and duties concerning the Data Protection Act
Price: £18.99
Tenancy Agreement
a simple assured shorthold tenancy agreement for furnished or unfurnished properties.
Price: £8.99
Web Design Agreement
An agreement between a web designer and website owner for the design/modification
Price: £34.99
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