Colour Coder

This little widget will help you to get the right colour and its relevant code. You can pick a colour by moving your mouse around the colour circle to get the right code. You can just check a colour by typing in the code to see the colour. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Tax Year Identity Verification N5 Civil Court form Entitled Destinations
Functionality Progress payments Landlord Competitor
Gatekeeper Principal trade Installment Fixed Assets
Enterprise zone Venire Kina General Partner
Public Key Infrastructure - PKI Write-off Forward Rate Corner a market
Civil List To adjourn N161 Civil Court form Black knight
Unpaid dividend Bancassurance Quality circles Out of Pocket
Magistrates court Core Competences Discounted Cash Flow Unemployed
N268 Civil Court form Garnishee Order Conglomerate Leone
Zloty Ex rights Endogenous Convergence Dong

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