Stopwatch and Countdown

Great tool see how long something takes and also a great countdown to deadlines. Especially useful when timing someone. We use it all the time. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Floating Charge Credit Sale Administratrix Counsel
Bells and whistles Zero Rate Certificate Kangaroos Public relations
Intangible Assets Certificate of Incorporation Abort fee Proprietor
Passing off Re-Enlistment Bonus JCCC Elephant Hunt
Balance of trade (BOT) Deliverable End Domain name Birr
Operational risk Industrial Tax Exemption Cheque Clearing N242A Civil Court form
Market Prices Historical Cost Notice board terms of use Brute force
Management Audit Above-board Bereaved minor Complaint
Exempt Persons Org chart Puisne Judge Tala
Pre-Financing Testimony Procurement Prime costs

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