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If you love anagrams you will love this tool. Click on the anagram tab and put in any word and it will return all combination words from the letters of the original word. Use it for fun, to create passwords and codes. Back to business tools.

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Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Avatar Lamfalussy Balance of payments (BOP) Information Commissioner
Orse Unfranked Receipts Discretionary Trust Collateral
Audit Affirmation Charge Certificate Shrinkage
Company Law QROPS Contingent liabilities Credit-Worthiness
Mens rea Benefits in kind Dalasi Subsidiary
Res gestae Management Audit Interest rate risk Core Competences
Contributions Agency Calculated risk N92 Civil Court form Shelf life
Overbought Deposit Devil's Advocate Fringe time
Bells and whistles SEED Minority Interest Idem
Free Back Door To adduce Price gouging

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