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Create your own Barcode. Enter the number, select the type of barcode you want and the image type to create barcode. Or you can just type in the number to test your phones or machine scanner. The type will determine how many digits or characters. Right click and Save the image to your hard drive and add where needed to documents or print lables. Back to business tools.

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Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Depreciation Asset Turnover Writ of Restitution Biometrics
Loan Creative Commons Bolivar Entities
Consumption Goods 51% attack Booking Fee Stamp duty
Productivity Perjury Lead time CSS
House agency Gross interest War Chest Business Promotion Scheme
Obiter dictum ECDSA Board of Directors Privacy statement
Overwrite Procedure Net Realizable Value Concentration ratio JCO
Apostille Charge Cards Shrinkage Bill of indictment
Adjudicator Subpoena Executive Agency Factoring
Bank Reconciliation Compensation order Watering Stock Instalment

Agency Agreement
To use when a business wishes to appoint an agent to promote its products or services.
Price: 34.99
Copyright Licence
Use this document to protect your copyright material and earn some royalties in a licence
Price: 17.99
Trademark Licence
Use this Trademark Licence to grant a user your permission to use your trademark
Price: 17.99
Equal Opportunity Policy
Protects the rights of individuals and the company and let everyone know where they stand
Price: 18.99
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