Chmod Calculator

Gadget For Calculating File Access Permissions in Linux/Unix. Useful tool for webmasters who need to change access right to users. You dont want to make a mistake here so check first before you set the permissions, or use to check what permission have been given to a file or folder already. This script provided by Peter Crouch atJavaScript Kit. Back to useful tools.

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Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Black knight Perquisite (perk) Booking Fee Biometrics
National IP Crime Strategy Acquisition Inland Revenue Vendor
AIUI Paradigm shift CHAPS Core Competencies
Liability N279 Civil Court form Living Wage Patch
Over Trading Deadline Bankrupt Convertible securities
Residue Tax Avoidance Aggregates Levy N9C Civil Court form
Free Zone Manager Diplomat Privilege Deemed domicile
TOMS Commute Void Payback
Vest Bill of Lading Marketing Strategy Make waves
Ombudsman Clock sucker Oblique intent Charging Order

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