Compounding Interest Calculator

This tool calculates compound interest. Just fill in all the boxes and press calculate. You can use it to work out bank interest and credit card balance. Back to business tools.

Calculate Compound Interest

Initial amount
Annual interest rate %
Number of compounding periods per year?
How many years?

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Arbitrator or Arbitration Free Deemed domicile Pari passu
DVD Accounting reference date N285 Civil Court form Id est (i.e.)
Labour Outward Processing Relief Charitable Trust Quorum
NAIRU Goodwill Term Loan Corporate Officers
BILL OF SALE SMTP Confiscation order Scalability
Copycat packaging Exchange rate risk Horizontal merger Lamfalussy
Gross National Product Adjudicator Take ownership Carat
Open Economy Non constat Encryption P11D
N316A Civil Court form Freelance Supreme Court Ex parte
Drawback Price Transparency CAFCASS Change Control

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