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Use this HMTL Editor online when your on the move or you quickly want to change or edit code if you do not have an HTML editor on the computer you are usng. This is a CKEditor. . Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Continental Shelf Call Option Remote Access HTH
Community Patent Billing Cycle Benefits in kind Chair Plug
Crown Court Basis Point Unlawful N1 Civil Court form
CPU Domicile of origin Information Commissioner Debt collection letters
Factor N279 Civil Court form Business Class Warehoused Goods
White-collar worker Compensation order Fringe time Cancellation Period
Transposition - EU Bailment Offer Justice of the peace
Ofcom Free on board Title ASCII
Credit-Worthiness High Court Economic Capital Internet Protocol Security - IPsec
Notice to quit Public Domain ISP Input Tax

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