Instant UK Traffic

Before you get into the car for that long journey from London to the otherside of the country first check to see if there is any traffic problems just on the way. you may need to change your normal route. You don't want to get caught in traffic "again" It best to check before you get into the car and use the satnav. Back to useful tools.

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Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Intermediate Output Assumption Face time Ombudsman
Import Duty Transposition - EU Creditors EMEAI
Accumulation Spam Walking Possession ADSL
N227 Civil Court form Quid pro quo Consumption Goods Rights Issues
Leave to appeal Loading List Payee Ram
Norwich Pharmacal orders Overrule Accrual Accounting Cryptography
Dubitante Qualifying share PayPoint Effective Exchange Rate
Ratification Bailment Ringgit Variable costs
Securities Statement of Account Management buyout Colon - El Salv
Board of Directors General Partner Ex parte LIBO

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