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Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Spouse Quaere Credit limit Executrix-dative
Taxing Master Hedging The Crown Leasehold
London Agreement Ex-Works Subpoena Adjournment
Kaffirs Forex Inland Revenue Lamfalussy
Pupillage Audit Trail Pleadings Comitology
Consensus Journal Moonlighting Weak dollar
Forced Acquisition LCP Employment rules and regulations Peso
Lord Chief Justice VRN Jobber A.E.R
AVC Principal trade Minutes Natural Person
Lempira committal Close company Age admitted

Agency Agreement
To use when a business wishes to appoint an agent to promote its products or services.
Price: 34.99
Cohabitation Crisis Pack
This document gives advice to a couple who have separated or who are about to separate.
Price: 17.99
Last Will and Testament
Protect your loved ones when they will need it most. This simple form can do this
Price: 7.99
Patent Licence
This document will grant a licence to a third party to use your patented idea for Royalties
Price: 17.99
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