Mental Workout

Use this tool to brush up on your maths. Great if you want to get sharp on the basics. Not all our teacher were cleaver enough to teach us the rules. WOW! Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Independent contractor Warrant Automatic trade Armchair general
Statutory Instrument Sub nomine Current Assets Sin Tax
Exit strategy Bankrupt Testimony Third Country
N242A Civil Court form Ratio decidendi PERT chart Cheque Clearing
Switch Secured creditor Intrastat Exempt Input Tax
Keyman / keywoman insurance learning curve Restraint of trade Blocked Input Tax
Ex facie Easy mark Abort fee Land Registry Fee
Market risk Trillion Deregistration Doable
Troy Ounce REDCENT EAT Surety
Tenant At Will Yuan Network Address Translation - NAT Ad Hoc

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