Periodic Table

Everything is made of matter, atoms and they are not all the same and they have different uses and characteristics. This simple gadget will let you see basic information about the elements and also give you links to more information about the elements. Click on an element to get basic information and click on it again to get back to the main table. This tool was made by Portal Romanesc. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Transfer of Shares Accounting reference date XU Securitisation
Residual Input Tax Eminant Domain NIDAC Cipher
Objective Personal Rights Business Angel Face time
Proactive Profit Independent Review Service Inland Revenue
KPI Technical economies Grant of probate Appraisal
Discretionary Trust Leasehold Suspended sentence Competitive Advantage
Rural Payments Agency Aggregate holding company Functional Fexibility IANAL
Reentry Public Sector Patent Pools Double Entry Accounting
Public Good Bots Click Fraud Unitholder
Carat Heads Up Organic growth Bear Market

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