Periodic Table

Everything is made of matter, atoms and they are not all the same and they have different uses and characteristics. This simple gadget will let you see basic information about the elements and also give you links to more information about the elements. Click on an element to get basic information and click on it again to get back to the main table. This tool was made by Portal Romanesc. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Transposition - EU Fiat money Estate CHIEF
Guardianship order Price gouging Retail price Valuation reserve
N336 Civil Court form National debt Free Circulation Guarantor
Windfall Profit Confiscation order WYSIWYG Promotion
Trillion Tax Form - P9 N121 Civil Court form Bailment
Insolvency Warrant of distress Price Elasticity of Demand CTR
Quid pro quo National Insurance (NI) Keystroke logger Office Of Export
Acquittal Peripheral Non compus mentis Mens rea
Business Activities Pleadings NGO Home Bias
Company Law Cost Center Agent Installment

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