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Create your own QR Code for your website and/or business data. Save the image to your hard drive and add it to your flyers, leaflets, newsletters, and even your business card. Enter your data/website and size you want. Back to business tools.

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Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Third Country Prorogation Testacy Interview
BACS - House Organ Hryvnia General Partnership
Pro forma Altcoin Withholding Tax Oversold
Jury Caution Bridge loan - (bridging loan) Abort fee
OTR Term Loan Capital Gains Back Office
Oblique intent Hardball Gatekeeper Adversarial
Justice of the peace PLN Entrepreneur PERT chart
Sawbuck Dialup Subpoena Temporary Importation
Intellectual property Downtime Bad debt User Group
Money Transfer Warehouse COO Chair Plug


Appraisal Policy
This appraisal policy outlines the how a business has towards appraising its employees
Price: 18.99
Trademark Licence
Use this Trademark Licence to grant a user your permission to use your trademark
Price: 17.99
Partnership Agreement
This legal document is for when two or more people come together to form a business.
Price: 31.99
Software Licence
Gives a licence to a user for the use of the software and restricts liability of the vendor.
Price: 34.99
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