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Create your own QR Code for your website and/or business data. Save the image to your hard drive and add it to your flyers, leaflets, newsletters, and even your business card. Use the menu to choose what type of infomation you want on the QR code. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Accruals Basis Tenant Jus Continuous Supply Of Goods
Factum Authentication GTC Equity Release
Deep pockets Balance Sheet Capital Capsizing
Work Permit Testatrix Assignee Gold Cordoba
Consensus PRODCOM Blue-collar worker Taxing authority
Carat WTO Licensed Premises Executrices
Bill of indictment Zero Rate Certificate Leasehold Natural resources
Day Trading Routing Freightage Vexatious Litigant
Idem OTR Conglomerate Reimbursement
Ngultrum Zloty Identity Theft Darknet

Scopulus.co.uk - UK Legal Documents

Appraisal Policy
This appraisal policy outlines the how a business has towards appraising its employees
Price: 18.99
Cohabitation Crisis Pack
This document gives advice to a couple who have separated or who are about to separate.
Price: 17.99
Termination Agreement
Use this document to agree how the employee/ employer relationship and contract will end
Price: 27.99
Debt Collection Letters
These three debt collection letters will assist you in getting payment ASAP. Don't delay.
Price: 9.99
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