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Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Call to Action Dependency Tontine Leverage
Sale and Leaseback Trojan Tax Form - P45 (car) Special Commissioner
Trustee Magnum opus Comitology Accumulation
NVR Yen bond Imaging Import Duty
Technical economies Exhibit Arbitration Independent Complaints Reviewer
Riel Leave to appeal Keiretsu Certified Documents
Private Treaty Management buy in Contingency Warranty liability
BitPay Tax Avoidance Uberrimae fidei Affiliate agreement
Brute force Manufacturing cell Wanton FIO
ATM VIES Tax Form - P9 Non-deductible VAT - UK Legal Documents

Cohabitation Crisis Pack
This document gives advice to a couple who have separated or who are about to separate.
Price: 17.99
Consultancy Agreement
A Consultancy Agreement covering all the issues to be consider for appointment
Price: 37.99
Directors Guarantee Letter
Get one of the directors to guarantee you get your money if the business can't pay
Price: 9.99
Termination Agreement
Use this document to agree how the employee/ employer relationship and contract will end
Price: 27.99

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