We all need time to unwind. We have some game to help you while you have a break from the stress and strains of work. We all need a break sometime. On this page we have Sudoku a game that exercised the grey cell. Choose a level and play. Then check if you where correct. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Dong Unlawful Market Prices Spoilage
Surge Protector Marketing economies Metical Capital
Licensed Premises Ceteris paribus Equity Voluntary Disclosure
Ram Patentability Amped Company Logo
XR Colon - Costa Audit Ethernet
Elephant Hunt Quasi-corporations Bill of Lading The Crown
HMSO Monetary Policy Objects clause Applet
Volume discount General Partner Exempt Supply Chargeable Asset
Testate IMHO Coin of the realm P11D
Corporations Cost of Capital Stet Bill of indictment

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