Tower of Hanoi

The Tower of Hanoi (also referred to as the Tower of Brahma) was invented by the French mathematician Edouard Lucas in 1883. He was inspired by a Hindu temple where the pyramid puzzle was used for the mental discipline of young priests.. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Net Realizable Value Age Relief Alibi Repo
Cutting edge Yard Functionality Profit Center
Public corporations Retail Prices Index - RPI - RPIX Paradigm shift Joint Venture
Undercapitalized Conglomerate Gaap Customs Duty
ICO Withholding Tax RAR Forced Acquisition
Devil's Advocate Advocate Tainted acquittal Gain Traction
N215 Civil Court form Black knight Tribunal Pro forma
Specific Legacy Next of kin Business Activities Fifo
Close company Deflation Proactive Copyright Tribunal
CCCL Vest Rand CHIP and PIN

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