World Time Zones

To compare time zones. click on pull down menu and select or click on pull down menu and type country and then add as many time zones as you like. In business you need to know the time around the world to be on the pulse. No good ringing your business partner in Hong Kong at two in the morning for a general chat about the accounts. For a start he won't be in the office. Before you ring, check the time. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

MoJ Tax Exemption Junk bonds Vacate
APACS Payroll Rural Payments Agency Quality circles
Safe Enterprise Value Elephant Hunt Litas
Excise Warehouse Landlord Copyright Tribunal Statutory Company
Prime Minister Annulment Oligopoly MANGO
Functional Fexibility Tax Form - P6 The Bar Preferred stock
ADSL Retail Financial Services Credit Concentration Tugrik
Testator Accepting house Budget account Per minas
Supply Of Goods CHIP and PIN Caution Fiscal Policy
Institutional Capacity PES HMSO Redemption

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