World Weather Report

Great program. Use your mouse to turn the world and pick cities to get the weather report for today and the next two days. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Digital Signature Revenue Trader Default Interest Business Continuity Planning
Compensation order Accrued Interest Bear Market Hardball
Committal for sentence In loco parentis Banking book Cryptography
Compensation funds Market risk Intermediate Output Life Interest
Surplus A.K.A SEMEA Constraints Restrictions
Ultra vires Adversarial Option to Tax Amortisation
EMEA N379 Civil Court form Hedging Lobbyist
Commodity Dividend yield Objects clause Whistleblower
JCCC Keiretsu Easter egg Bandwidth
Note Buyers Rulebase Deposition Exchange rate risk

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Data Protection Policy
This policy sets out employees’ rights and duties concerning the Data Protection Act
Price: £18.99
Joint Venture Agreement
Work together for a common business goal and gain benefits and co-operation from others.
Price: £42.99
Pre-Nuptial Agreement
Protect you interest if the worst happens. Pre-empt any problems before they happen
Price: £34.99
Software Licence
Gives a licence to a user for the use of the software and restricts liability of the vendor.
Price: £34.99

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