QR Code Generator

Create your own QR Code for your website and/or business data. Save the image to your hard drive and add it to your flyers, leaflets, newsletters, and even your business card. Use the menu to choose what type of infomation you want on the QR code. Back to business tools.

  • Use the menu to choose what type of information you want on the QR code.

  • Create QR code.

  • Use download button or right click QR code to save to your hard drive.

  • Add to your documents, a website or send to the publishers to add to advertising.

  • Most mobiles have a QR scanner included or you can simply download one.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Junk mail Zero Rate Certificate Easement Custody time limit
In esse Amnesty Euromarkets Published Information
Drill Down Tainted acquittal Payout Period Company Secretary
Org chart Warrant of arrest Zar Wealth management
Warranty of Authority Quantum of damages Network Address Translation - NAT E.C.B
Employment contracts De novo Pula Blind Testing
Procurator Fixed Cost Batch production NDD
NPISHs Without Prejudice Entrepreneur Quantize
Trade Debtors Goods Assignor Bug Bounty
Ex post facto Proof of Concept Writ Tenant At Will


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