QR Code Generator

Create your own QR Code for your website and/or business data. Save the image to your hard drive and add it to your flyers, leaflets, newsletters, and even your business card. Use the menu to choose what type of infomation you want on the QR code. Back to business tools.

  • Use the menu to choose what type of information you want on the QR code.

  • Create QR code.

  • Use download button or right click QR code to save to your hard drive.

  • Add to your documents, a website or send to the publishers to add to advertising.

  • Most mobiles have a QR scanner included or you can simply download one.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Trustee Dongle Official Receiver Project brief
Overbought Common Position - EU LINK Crown Court
Drop Catch Credit Sale Merit Good Loan Packaging
Cost of Capital Estate Dubitante Market risk
Junior debt Phishing Gain Traction Grant of confirmation
VOIP Households Upskill Deed of assignment
Act of God Contingency Commodity Code Quorum
Payer KYC Line Manager Output Tax
Two-comma NPISHs Tax Form - P6 ATM
Junk bonds Billing Cycle Deregistration Virement


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