Current Moon Phase

If you want to know the current moon phase, this little gadget will tell you. You can specify which hemisphere you are in as this will change the cycle. Back to business tools.

Northern Hemisphere

Southern Hemisphere

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Dialup United Kingdom HR Consultancy agreement
Adware Consideration BotNet War Chest
VIES CMO Bonds Norwich Pharmacal orders
Lucas critique Customs Release Vendor Cybersquatter
Obscuration Dumping Cable Modem Litas
Economist JCCC Sub-soil assets Institutional Capacity
Management Audit Fiscal Policy 24/7/365 Appellant
Writ of venire de novo EDIFACT Free Circulation Place Of Supply
Apportionment Unemployed Interpleader Employees
Gatekeeper Purchasing economies Your Honour Wanton

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