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Create a to do list that you can save on your computer via cookies. Every time you come to this page your list will be here. Using this to do list will help you to be organised, focused and efficient. It works by using javascript and cookies on your pc. If these are deleted then your list will be lost. Make this webpage your homepage, and never forget your list!
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Declutter your head. Make a list.

This to do list saves your list with a cookie that can be deleted if you wish. If you delete the cookie, your list is lost. We do not save your "to do list" on our server. It is saved from your browser to a cookie on your computer. You are in control. Please check your internet and security settings as this may delete the cookie automatically. You can add us to your trust list to prevent this.

Some of these programs, gadgets and widgets are provided from other website and we can not be held responsible for the data it provides and how it performs. If anything seems wrong please let us know straight away and we will either take it off the site and/ or get a better replacement.

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