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Slovenia VAT Rates From 1st May 2014 - INCREASE CANCELLED!!!

Slovenia VAT Rates From 1st July 2013

Standard Rate 22%
Reduced Rate 9.5%

Slovenia VAT Rates From 1st January 2002

Standard Rate 20%
Reduced Rate 8.5%

Slovenia VAT Rates From 1st July 1999

Standard Rate 19%
Reduced Rate 8%

Last updated:11th November, 2019

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CFO MINT Assumption
BIS Accrual Accounting General Partnership
Weak dollar Genesis block PLN
Kroon Keelage Nisi
N11 Civil Court form Gain Traction LIFFE
Guardianship order Bank Transfer Spouse
Journal Affidavit Chargeable Income
Forward Rate Depreciation Ultra vires
Margin Scheme Package Advance information Tailwinds
Ad Idem Puisne Judge Institutional Sector
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