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Tax Rates 2021-22

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Tax Information

Gov Tax Updates

Articles Section

Tax Information

Tax Rates

Here we have the main tax rates for the last eight years in the UK, including allowances and limits. We also have the USA tax rates and much, much more.

Areas covered:

  • Income tax rates
  • National Insurance rates
  • Tax allowances and limits
  • Corporation tax rates
  • Capital gains tax rates
  • Inheritance tax rates

 VAT Rates

We show all the VAT rates and limits for the UK and for the European Union.

Tax Terms Explained

Search words used in the tax industry. You may have come across a few and may have heard a few from your accountant and tax adviser.

Inland Revenue Interest Rates

This section includes the interest rates for unpaid tax, beneficial loans and inheritance tax purposes.

Gov Tax Updates

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From HM Revenue & Customs

Policy paper: Zero–rate of secondary Class 1 contributions for armed forces veterans
This tax information and impact note is about providing National Insurance relief employees of Armed Forces veterans.

Policy paper: Exemption from Class 2 and 4 National Insurance contributions for COVID-19 Test and Trace Support Payments
This tax information and impact note is about an exemption from Class 2 and 4 National Insurance contributions for COVID-19 Test and Trace Support Payments.

Policy paper: Zero-rate of secondary National Insurance contributions for Freeport employees
This tax Information and impact note is about Class 1 National Insurance contributions relief for eligible employers and employees working in a Freeport tax site.

Policy paper: Proposals for tackling promoters and enablers of National Insurance contributions avoidance schemes
This tax information and impact note is about legislative changes to the disclosure of tax avoidance schemes to stop National Insurance contributions avoidance.

Guidance: Manage your trust's details
Use the online service to update details of your trust, declare no changes, authorise an agent and claim a trust, or close a trust on the trust register.

Guidance: Using an origin declaration for the UK Generalised Scheme of Preference
How to make an origin declaration if you're using it as proof of origin for products using the UK Generalised Scheme of Preference.

Guidance: Apply for an Advance Tariff Ruling
Find out how to get a legally binding decision on the commodity code to use when importing into or exporting from Great Britain.

Guidance: Apply for a Binding Tariff Information decision
Find out how to get a legally binding decision on the commodity code to use when importing into or exporting from Northern Ireland or EU from 1 January 2021.

Guidance: Large business: The High Risk Corporates Programme
An overview of the High Risk Corporates Programme.

Guidance: CWG2: further guide to PAYE and National Insurance contributions
Find out about detailed Pay As You Earn (PAYE) and National Insurance contributions for current and previous years if you're an employer.


From HM Treasury

News story: Chancellor sees Plan for Jobs in action at local brewery
The Chancellor visited Pillars Brewery in London today (12 May) as they gear up for the return of indoor hospitality next week.

Press release: New powers to tackle unfit directors of dissolved companies
New legislation to target company directors who dissolve their businesses and leave staff or taxpayers out of pocket.

Policy paper: London Capital & Finance Compensation scheme
The London Capital and Finance Compensation Scheme will provide compensation to eligible bondholders who lost money following the collapse of London Capital & Finance (LCF).

Policy paper: Treasury Minutes progress report – May 2021
Progress report on the implementation of government accepted recommendations of the Committee of Public Accounts.

Research: Review of the Office of Tax Simplification: Call for Evidence
This call for evidence seeks views on the effectiveness of the OTS, the Chancellor’s independent adviser on tax simplification.

News story: Government raises £1.1 billion from sell-down of NatWest Group shareholding
A £1.1 billion sale of part of the government’s shareholding in NatWest Group plc (formerly the Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc) has been announced today (11 May 2021).

News story: Three Hundreds of Chiltern
The Chancellor of the Exchequer has this day appointed Tracy Lynn Brabin to be Steward and Bailiff of the Three Hundreds of Chiltern.

Consultation outcome: Supporting the wind-down of critical benchmarks
This consultation invites responses on the case for additional legal protections for parties affected by the wind-down of a critical benchmark.

News story: Chancellor visits leading meal kit provider to discuss future of the economy
The Chancellor of the Exchequer visited a leading meal kit provider in London today (7 May) to meet staff and discuss the future of the economy.

Transparency data: HM Treasury senior officials travel expenses: January to March 2020
Travel and hospitality used by HM Treasury senior officials at Senior Civil Service 2 (or equivalent) and above.

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