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Tax Rates 2019-20

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Tax Information

Gov Tax Updates

Articles Section

Tax Information

Tax Rates

Here we have the main tax rates for the last eight years in the UK, including allowances and limits. We also have the USA tax rates and much, much more.

Areas covered:

  • Income tax rates
  • National Insurance rates
  • Tax allowances and limits
  • Corporation tax rates
  • Capital gains tax rates
  • Inheritance tax rates

 VAT Rates

We show all the VAT rates and limits for the UK and for the European Union.

Tax Terms Explained

Search words used in the tax industry. You may have come across a few and may have heard a few from your accountant and tax adviser.

Inland Revenue Interest Rates

This section includes the interest rates for unpaid tax, beneficial loans and inheritance tax purposes.

Gov Tax Updates

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From HM Revenue & Customs

Form: Self Assessment: tax calculation summary (SA110)
Use supplementary pages SA110 to record the results of your tax calculation on your SA100 Tax Return.

Guidance: Check employment status for tax: service availability and issues
Check the availability and any issues affecting check employment status for tax tool.

Detailed guide: List of customs agents and fast parcel operators
Find customs agents and fast parcel operators who can help submit customs declarations in a no-deal Brexit.

National Statistics: HMRC statistics: pre-release access list
HM Revenue and Customs' record of those who have pre-release access to National Statistics.

Guidance: Paying tax on the remittance basis (Self Assessment helpsheet HS264)
Find out about paying tax on the remittance basis if you're a UK resident who has foreign income and gains but do not live in the UK.

Savings and Investment Manual
An explanation of how certain types of income from savings and investments are taxed

VAT Default Interest Manual
Guidance on dealing with VAT default interest

Capital Gains Manual
This manual is to help people compute chargeable gains (and allowable losses) for both capital gains tax and corporation tax purposes or check computations. It supplements the basic guidance in the tax return and Help Sheets. It is written primarily for HMRC staff but it will also assist customers and their professional advisers. Customers filling in tax returns may not need to use the Capital Gains Manual at all. You can get basic information on how to compute chargeable gains (and allowable losses) from the Capital Gains pages of the tax return and the related Help Sheets. The "Published Date" at the top of a page is the date when the page was loaded onto the website. The content of a page in this manual will be older than the published date.

VAT Assessments and Error Correction
Guidance on Assessments and error correction, including help with their issue, amendment and withdrawal

Compliance Handbook
The aim of the Compliance Handbook is to give you clear and comprehensive guidance to help you and external customers understand and apply the penalties and compliance powers introduced by FA 2007 to FA 2013. The guidance is in two sections: The technical guidance (CH1 - CH199999) explains the legislation and the overall policy about the way it should be applied. The operational guidance (CH200000 onwards) explains how to use the penalties and powers in your job. We are still developing this manual and we will add further guidance as it is produced for all compliance matters, both technical and operational.


From HM Treasury

Guidance: Who is subject to financial sanctions in the UK?
A guide to the current consolidated list of asset freeze targets, and a list of persons subject to restrictive measures in view of Russia's actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine.

Guidance: List of designated persons, terrorism and terrorist financing
This page provides a list of those who are currently subject to financial sanctions for believed involvement in terrorist activity. It also contains information regarding relevant legislation.

National Statistics: UK official holdings of international reserves: November 2019
This release details movements in the international reserves of gold and assets held by the UK government.

Official Statistics: Help to Buy ISA Scheme Quarterly Statistics: December 2015 to 30 June 2019
This statistical release presents official statistics on the government’s Help to Buy: ISA scheme.

Guidance: Financial sanctions, ISIL (Da'esh) and Al-Qaida organisations
Certain persons and entities associated with the ISIL (Da'esh) and Al-Qaida organisations are subject to financial sanctions.

National Statistics: Public sector finances bulletin
The public sector finances statistical bulletin.

Official Statistics: Standards and policies for HM Treasury statistics
HM Treasury's statistics are governed by the standards set out by the UK Statistics Authority in their Code of Practice for official statistics.

National Statistics: Country and regional analysis: 2019
Statistical estimates for the allocation of identifiable expenditure between the UK countries and 9 English regions.

National Statistics: Public Spending Statistics release: November 2019
The November 2019 national statistics public expenditure outturn release.

Transparency data: OSCAR annual release: November 2019
The 2019 release of the underlying OSCAR data under the government’s transparency agenda.

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