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Tax Rates 2020-21

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Tax Information

Gov Tax Updates

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Tax Information

Tax Rates

Here we have the main tax rates for the last eight years in the UK, including allowances and limits. We also have the USA tax rates and much, much more.

Areas covered:

  • Income tax rates
  • National Insurance rates
  • Tax allowances and limits
  • Corporation tax rates
  • Capital gains tax rates
  • Inheritance tax rates

 VAT Rates

We show all the VAT rates and limits for the UK and for the European Union.

Tax Terms Explained

Search words used in the tax industry. You may have come across a few and may have heard a few from your accountant and tax adviser.

Inland Revenue Interest Rates

This section includes the interest rates for unpaid tax, beneficial loans and inheritance tax purposes.

Gov Tax Updates

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From HM Revenue & Customs

Guidance: Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme: step by step guide for employers
This guide explains the information that employers need to provide to claim for their employees’ wages.

Guidance: Alcohol and Tobacco Warehousing Declarations: service availability and issues
Check the availability and any issues affecting Alcohol and Tobacco Warehousing Declarations (ATWD).

Detailed guide: December 2020 monthly trade euro rates (Tariff stop press notice 50)
Find out the changes to the monthly trade euro rate for December 2020.

Guidance: Notices to be made under The Customs (Declarations) (Amendment and Modification) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020
Notices made under The Customs (Transitional Arrangements) (EU Exit) Regulations 2020 which have force of law under Customs Regulations.

Guidance: Find examples to help you calculate your employees' wages
Check examples to help you calculate your employee's wages, National Insurance contributions and pension contributions if you're claiming through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Detailed guide: Claim for wages through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Claim for some of your employee’s wages if you have put them on furlough or flexible furlough because of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Detailed guide: Calculate how much you can claim using the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Calculate how much you have to pay your furloughed employees for hours on furlough and how much you can claim back.

Guidance: Other types of employees you can claim for
Find out if you can claim through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for different types of employees.

Detailed guide: Reporting employees' wages to HMRC when you've claimed through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Find out how and when to report employees' wages to HMRC using the PAYE Real Time Information system.

Detailed guide: Steps to take before calculating your claim using the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Find out what steps you need to take before you calculate how much you can claim for furloughed and flexibly furloughed employees.


From HM Treasury

Press release: Prime Minister announces £1,000 Christmas grant for 'wet-led pubs'
Support for pubs that predominantly serve alcohol rather than food through festive period.

Guidance: Who is subject to financial sanctions in the UK?
A guide to the current consolidated list of asset freeze targets, and a list of persons subject to restrictive measures in view of Russia's actions destabilising the situation in Ukraine.

Guidance: Financial sanctions, Sudan
Sudan, is currently subject to financial sanctions. This document contains the current list of designated persons.

Open consultation: Future Regulatory Framework (FRF) Review: Consultation
A consultation to explore how the UK regulatory framework for financial services needs to adapt to our new position outside the EU.

Policy paper: Solvency II Review: Call for Evidence
Government seeks views on reforming the prudential regulation of the UK insurance sector.

Guidance: Financial sanctions, Afghanistan
Afghanistan is currently subject to financial sanctions. This document contains a current list of designated persons.

Official Statistics: Help to Buy: ISA Scheme Quarterly Statistics: December 2015 to 30 June 2020.
This statistical release presents official statistics on the government’s Help to Buy: ISA scheme.

News story: BEIS in the Spending Review
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will have a key role to play delivering the pledges made in the Spending Review

Transparency data: OSCAR annual release: November 2020
The 2020 release of the underlying OSCAR data under the government’s transparency agenda.

Press release: HMRC and Advertising Standard Authority launch new action to disrupt promoters of tax avoidance schemes
A joint enforcement notice on misleading adverts is one of several interventions to tackle promoters.

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