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Tax Rates 2020-21

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Tax Information

Gov Tax Updates

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Tax Information

Tax Rates

Here we have the main tax rates for the last eight years in the UK, including allowances and limits. We also have the USA tax rates and much, much more.

Areas covered:

  • Income tax rates
  • National Insurance rates
  • Tax allowances and limits
  • Corporation tax rates
  • Capital gains tax rates
  • Inheritance tax rates

 VAT Rates

We show all the VAT rates and limits for the UK and for the European Union.

Tax Terms Explained

Search words used in the tax industry. You may have come across a few and may have heard a few from your accountant and tax adviser.

Inland Revenue Interest Rates

This section includes the interest rates for unpaid tax, beneficial loans and inheritance tax purposes.

Gov Tax Updates

*External links

From HM Revenue & Customs

Tax Credits Manual
How HM Revenue & Customs handles Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit cases

Customs Special Procedures Manual
Special Procedures guidance on Customs matters

Spirits Production Manual
This guidance deals with the approval and control of distilleries producing spirits

Guidance: Gambling Tax: service availability and issues
Check the availability and any issues affecting the Gambling Tax Online Service.

Guidance: Duty Stamps: service availability and issues
Check the availability and any issues affecting the Duty Stamps online service.

Guidance: Alcohol and Tobacco Warehousing Declarations: service availability and issues
Check the availability and any issues affecting Alcohol and Tobacco Warehousing Declarations (ATWD).

Detailed guide: Higher rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax
Check if you have to pay the higher rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) when you buy a residential property in England or Northern Ireland.

Detailed guide: Stamp Duty Land Tax online and paper returns
Find out about sending a Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) return, late filing penalties, amending a return and applying for a refund.

Detailed guide: Stamp Duty Land Tax: corporate bodies
Stamp Duty Land Tax rates for certain corporate bodies.

Guidance: How to complete your Stamp Duty Land Tax SDLT1 paper return
Find help with each question on the return and common reasons why your return may be rejected.


From HM Treasury

Guidance: Who is subject to financial sanctions in the UK?
A guide to the current consolidated list of asset freeze targets, and a list of persons named in relation to financial and investment restrictions under the Russia regulations

Guidance: Financial sanctions, Sudan
Sudan is currently subject to UK financial sanctions. This document contains the current list of designated persons.

Guidance: Film & TV Production Restart Scheme
The Scheme Rules and Explanatory Notes for the Film & TV Production Restart Scheme have been published by DCMS and HM Treasury.

Detailed guide: Super-deduction
A new 130% first-year capital allowance for qualifying plant and machinery assets; and a 50% first-year allowance for qualifying special rate assets.

Policy paper: UK Listings Review
The UK Listings Review, chaired by Lord Hill, was launched by the Chancellor on 19 November as part of a plan to strengthen the UK’s position as a leading global financial centre.

Press release: Rail centre and green energy funding in Budget boost for Wales
The extension of UK wide support schemes were also announced by the Chancellor in his 2021 Budget.

Guidance: Disguised remuneration: independent loan charge review
The independent review of the disguised remuneration loan charge has now concluded and the government has published its response.

Speech: Chancellor Statement - Budget press conference
Delivered by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak on 3 March.

National Statistics: GDP deflators at market prices, and money GDP March 2021 (Budget)
This document contains the latest gross domestic product (GDP) deflators. The GDP deflator can be viewed as a measure of general inflation in the domestic economy.

Guidance: Check the status of tax policy consultations
Find out about ongoing and closed tax policy consultations.

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