AES-128-CBC Encrypt Decrypt Tool

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AES-128-CBC is a well used and respected Encryption method. Use this tool to test, secure information or send secret messages to your sweetheart and friends. Come back here when its time to decrypt. Back to business tools.

AES-128-CBC Encrypt Decrypt

Text Encode/Decode:
1000 chars max
Secret Key max:512chars

The secret key is what you choose or you can leave blank.
When you decrypt here you only need the encrypted code and your Secret key if used.
We have not tested in other environments, we suggest doing a test first if that's your purpose.
https this page if it is not already done.
1000 chars max is because the encrypted data is much bigger and can fit into the 2000 chars limited box to avoid abuse.
If you are using this for other than fun, please consider giving a bitcoin donation below or if you have a request.

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