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Stay informed on the Hebrew Calendar and shabbats. Shows todays date in English and Hebrew, plus Shabbat times for Jerusalem. Note: A Hebrew day is from sunset to sunset. Weekly Shabbat starts on Friday sunset (evening) to Saturday sunset (evening). Back to Useful tools.

13 April 2021

The Appointed Seasons

The Jewish year is different from our Gregorian year and therefore a Hebrew year will start in one year and end in another of our western years. Jewish years starts around September/October of our western years. To make it a bit more complicated the torah and versions of the bible may be numbered slighly differantly.

Days start from sunset (evening) to sunset (evening). Therefore the day before in the evening is the start of the day.

* The 15th Nisan starts the evening before the sunrise, what we would consider the 14th day of the month in the evening.

A Hebrew day is evening, night, morning and afternoon, and ends at sunset.

15th Nisan *
Starts evening of 27/03/21
Pesach - Passover Lev 23:5
15th - 21st Nisan (7days)
2x Shabbat first and last day 15th+21st Nisan
Feast of unleaved bread
Starts with Passover meal then Feast of First fruits
Lev 23:6-8
16th Nisan
Feast of First fruits
Lev 23:9-14
21st Nisan
Starts evening of 02/04/21
Last day of Feast of unleaved bread
Lev 23:8
6th Sivan
Starts evening of 16/05/21
Shavuot - Feast of Weeks
Pentecost 7 week or 50 days from 16th Nisan
Lev 23:15-22

1st Tishri
Starts evening of 18/09/20
Rosh Hashana - Jewish New Year
Festival of Trumpets
Lev 23:23-25
10th Tishri
Starts evening of 27/09/20
Yom Kippur - Day of Atonement
Lev 23:26-32
15th - 21st Tishri (7days)
Shabbat first day 15th Tishri
Starts evening of 02/10/20
Sukkot - Feast of Booths
Feast of Tabernacles
Lev 23:33-43
22nd Tishri
Starts evening of 09/10/20
Shemini Atzeret - the Eighth day of Assembly
Lev 23:36

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Advertising Standards Authority Ad infinitum Profit and Loss Responsibility
Eurobond Public Key Infrastructure - PKI Tax Form - P45 (car)
Market equilibrium CEO War Chest
Landslide Deed Standard terms and conditions
Surety OHIM Kaffirs
Vicarious Liability Actus reus Nominal Damages
Deferred sentence Payee Balance of payments (BOP)
Woody Sub modo London Agreement
Litigation Billion Bad debt
Proactive Carat District judges

Hebrew Gematria

Decimal Hebrew Glyph Eng
1 Aleph א A. or E.
2 Bet ב B
3 Gimel ג G
4 Daleth ד D
5 Heh ה H.
6 Vav ו W
7 Zayin ז Z
8 Het ח Ch.
9 Tet ט T
10 Yud י Y
20 Kaf כ K
30 Lamed ל L
40 Mem מ M
50Nun נ N
60 Samech ס S
70 Ayin ע A. or E.
80 Peh פ P
90 Tzady צ Tz
100 Koof ק Q.
200 Reish ר R
300 Shin ש Sh
400 Taf ת T
500 Kaf(final) ך K
600 Mem(final) ם M
700 Nun(final) ן N
800 Peh(final) ף P
900 Tzady(final) ץ Tz

. has guttural element

Greek Gematria

Decimal Letter Greek Eng
1 Α α Alpha a
2 Β β Beta b
3 Γ γ Gamma g
4 Δ δ Delta d
5 Ε ε Epsilon e
6 (Ϝ ϛ) Digamma(laterStigma) w
7 Ζ ζ Zeta z
8 Η η Eta ē
9 Θ θ Theta th
10 Ι ι Iota i
20 Κ κ Kappa k
30 Λ λ Lambda l
40Μ μ Mu m
50 Ν ν
Nu n
60 Ξ ξ Xi x
70 Ο ο Omicron o
80 Π π Pi p
90 (Ϙ) Koppa q
100 Ρ ρ Rho r
200 Σ σ Sigma s
300 Τ τ Tau t
400 Υ υ Upsilon y
500 Φ φ Phi ph
600 Χ χ Chi ch
700 Ψ ψ Psi ps
800 Ω ω Omega ō
900 (ϡ) Sampi ts

Roman (Numerals) Gematria

Decimal Latin Name Eng
1 I Unum i
5 V Quinque v
10 X Decem x
50 L Quinquaginta l
100 C Centum c
500 D Quingenti d
1000 M Mille m

all other letters = 0

English Gematria

Decimal English
1 a
2 b
3 c
4 d
5 e
6 f
7 g
8 h
9 i
10 j
11 k
12 l
13 m
14 n
15 o
16 p
17 q
18 r
19 s
20 t
21 u
22 v
23 w
24 x
25 y
26 z

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