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Use this HMTL Editor online when your on the move or you quickly want to change or edit code if you do not have an HTML editor on the computer you are usng. This is a CKEditor. . Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Personal Rights ETD Primary legislation Petitioner
Lifo Syli Curfew Equity Rates
Administrative Court Gross domestic product - GDP Memorandum of Understanding Forced Acquisition
SaaS Endogenous Convergence Payout Period APR
Billing Alias Ex Stock PRODCOM
Merchant Bank N285 Civil Court form Jus JCO
Weak dollar To arraign Joint liability Free Zone Goods
Joint Tenants Homogeneity Value added tax (VAT) Buy To Let
N337 Civil Court form Fixed Rate loan Contingency Acquittal
Margin Scheme Valuation reserve Insider report Kaizen

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