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Keep informed with the current price of Monero in your local currency. Pick the best price to buy and sell on the list of exchanges that have Monero in your currency pair for the top price and profit. Back to business tools.

All exchanges require a verification process to trade. This is required by law. There are different levels of verification depending on how much you are buying and selling. Most just need basic information to start.

(The buy price quoted is the price they will buy from you and sell price quoted is the price they will sell to you).


Currency 24h High Buy Sell Exchange
Monero XMR BTC 0.00624  0.00591  0.00592 Bitfinex
Monero XMR BTC 0.006250.005910.00592Binance
Monero XMR BTC 0.006240.005910.00592Okex.com
Monero XMR BTC Coindeal
Monero XMR BTC 0.006240.005910.00592Hitbtc
Monero XMR BTC N/A0.006160.00581IndoEx
Monero XMR BTC Coindeal

US Dollar

Currency 24h High Buy Sell Exchange
Monero XMR USD $235.05  $228.43  $228.92 Bitfinex
Monero XMRUSDT $235.06$228.41$228.71Okex.com
Monero XMR USD $234.66$228.37$228.43Kraken
Monero XMR USD $234.99  $228.41  $228.53 Bitcoin.com
Monero XMRUSDT $$$ZB
Monero XMR USD $234.99$228.41$228.53Hitbtc
Monero XMR USD N/A$$IndoEx


Currency 24h High Buy Sell Exchange

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