Vigenere Cipher

A simple tool to encode/decode using the vigenere cipher. Good cipher tool where you can cipher and then past it else where and back here when you need to decode the encryption. Uses a secret key to make a kind of Caesar ciphers. Back to business tools.

Vigenere Cipher Generator

Secret Key max:512chr

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Hash Function Supreme Court SME NDA
Equity Line N242A Civil Court form Pegging Trustee
Institutional Unit Shareholder agreement Standard terms and conditions Commodity
Vide In camera Refund Yen
United Kingdom Equity Reimbursement Lessor
Rural Payments Agency TQ Grant caeterorum Tala
Beneficial Owner Cash Flow Statement Jobber Minutes
Local Justice Area Backpay Contingent liabilities Shareholders
Ratification Annual bonus Excise Duty Drill Down
Patch EMEAI Troy Ounce Basis Point

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