Vigenere Cipher

A simple tool to encode/decode using the vigenere cipher. Good cipher tool where you can cipher and then past it else where and back here when you need to decode the encryption. Uses a secret key to make a kind of Caesar ciphers. Back to business tools.

Vigenere Cipher Generator

Secret Key max:512chr

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Cost of Capital Sucre N285 Civil Court form Safe
Pillars of the EU Loading Pass IANAL Ward of Court
Directors Guarantee Letter Charitable Trust In pleno Encryption
Bear hug Non-Monetary Variable Rate Loan SERP
CHIEF AVTUR Capital Goods Scheme Trailers
Economist Firewall Ransomware AMOGA
Defragmentation KITING Published Accounts Hidden Economy
Trojan Applet Sweat equity Bereaved minor
UK Joint Account Voluntold Surplus
Quality Assurance Quid pro quo Quality circles Economic Capital

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