World Time Zones

To compare time zones. In business you need to know the time around the world to be on the pulse. No good ringing your business partner in Hong Kong at two in the morning for a general chat about the accounts. For a start he won't be in the office. Before you ring, check the time. Credit and copyright for the code to P. Lutus Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Non compus mentis Calculated risk N170 Civil Court form Stakeholder
Crawler To remand Lamfalussy Intra Vire
Voluntold Win win Up Current Subscription Right
Payback JCO Dobra Special Commissioner
Web hosting agreement Cultivated assets Quoted company Lifehack
EORI Competitor ROI Registered Design
Grant of confirmation Drawings Lessor Deferment Trader
Watering Stock DNS Tailwinds MoJ
Constrained Discretion Discretionary Fiscal Policy HMSO Woody
Repo Accountability Injunction FIO

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