World Weather Report

Great program. Use your mouse to turn the world and pick cities to get the weather report for today and the next two days. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Tax Evasion Ex parte Free Zone Goods MD4
ROI Keiretsu Jitney ISO 27001
DDOS MoneyGram Working Population Astute
Competitor Excise Duty Dubitante Hryvnia
Bank Reconciliation Accountancy Advanced fee fraud Kroon
Endogenous Convergence Peer Ceteris paribus Diplomat
Tax Form - P14 Convertible Mark Consumer Grant of representation
Stateful Inspection CMS N9A Civil Court form Divisional Court
Quantum meruit Author Tangible Assets Average Total Cost (ATC)
N213 Civil Court form Conditional Sale Admiralty Court Ad Hoc

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