Mental Workout

Use this tool to brush up on your maths. Great if you want to get sharp on the basics. Not all our teacher were cleaver enough to teach us the rules. WOW! Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Subtenant Banking book Justice of the peace NPISHs
Ringgit Exchange Rate Demurrage Cafeteria plan
Gross National Product Housing claim Synergy Bluetooth
Market Research ATM Gross Pay MoneyGram
Trade discount ISO 9001 Unicameral Asset stripper
N316 Civil Court form Chargeable Income N150 Civil Court form Gearing
Quality circles API Financial Conglomerate HMAC
Acquiree SME Prime Minister HR
Ombudsman Patentability Registry Organic growth
Writ of Execution Domicile of choice Sniffing Moonlighting

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