Mental Workout

Use this tool to brush up on your maths. Great if you want to get sharp on the basics. Not all our teacher were cleaver enough to teach us the rules. WOW! Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Magic bullet Oligopoly IPO Refund
Economist Hysteresis Financial Ombudsman Service Blue Sky Thinking
Interview Junior debt Capital expenditure Planchet
Entrepreneur Externality Out of Pocket DTI-CHIEF
Redundancy Administrative Court Value billing Homogeneity
Specific Legacy ISO 27001 DVD Curfew
Opportunity Costs Factor Loan Agreement Insider lending
Notice board terms of use Deadline Voluntary Liquidation Simple Interest
Endogenous Convergence Joint liability Beneficial Owner Restraint of trade
Decode Par delictum High Credit Risk Reversal

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