Scientific Calculator.

Great Calculator, it types the maths like how you write it including brackets. Easy to check before you press enter. This script was provided by Brad Tarver via JavaScriptKit. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Fleur de Coin Nisi Yuppie Venire
Trade Creditors Human capital Executrix-dative Real Wage Flexibility
monetize Golden Rule Drill Down Arbitration
Taxing Master Avatar X Bar mutatis mutandis
Project brief RSS Tala Administrative Court
Administratrix National IP Crime Strategy Costing Systems Order Optimisation
Directors Guarantee Letter Philanthropy Vide Actus reus
Bank Reconciliation ADSL Operating profit Unit of trading
Coin of the realm Mergers and Acquisitions ISA Tribunal
Vertical integration Notice to quit Unfranked Receipts Pataca

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