Binary / Decimal Converter

Does what it says on the tin. It convert binary to decimal and visa versa. Useful to programmer and alike. If you need one it's here. Based on a tutorial at Back to business tools.


   in Decimal

   in Binary   

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Variable Rate Loan Trademark Confidentiality agreement UN
Unissued stock Warrant of distress Hysteresis Bank of England
Yankee Parent company Marketing Mix Procedure
Patent Pools Accumulation Call to Action To remand
Royal Mint Subpoena MIME Order of committal
AVC Export Corporate Officers Berne Convention
Percentage of Annual Revenue From Online Sales Adjudicator BTI Goods
District judges CIF POS Corner a market
Business Continuity Planning Gross Estate Qualification period Margin Scheme Package
DVD Public relations Gross domestic product - GDP Quick wins

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