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Create your own Barcode. Enter the number, select the type of barcode you want and the image type to create barcode. Or you can just type in the number to test your phones or machine scanner. The type will determine how many digits or characters. Right click and Save the image to your hard drive and add where needed to documents or print lables. Back to business tools.

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Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Puisne Judge Dividend cover Non-deductible VAT Legal tender
Going Forward SHA384 Euromarkets Base58
Take offline Gross value added - GVA Usufruct Executor-dative
Eminant Domain Depreciation Parent company Real Time
N268 Civil Court form AGM Deemed domicile Financial Conglomerate
Publici juris Import VAT Certificate Stateful Inspection Personal data
Preference Shares Company Law High Risk CAP Goods Free on board
Service mark Gold fix Capital expenditure Representation order
Quorum MasterCard Ultra vires Firewall
Voting right Functional Fexibility Freightage Inland Revenue

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