We all need time to unwind. We have some game to help you while you have a break from the stress and strains of work. We all need a break sometime. On this page we have the Pacman game. What a classic! enjoy. Back to business tools.

Do you know the meaning of any of the following?

Sui generis Bereaved minor Break up value Yuppie
Compensation order Deep pockets Assurance Non est factum
Contingent liabilities BZIP2 Indemnify Lamfalussy
Value added tax (VAT) WOWGR Money Deposit Comparative Advantage
Annual bonus Ad Hoc Purchasing economies Affirmation
Parent company Cafeteria plan Gourde Accounting reference date
Authentication Outside The Scope GZIP Cessate Grant
Corporate Officers HMI Per stirpes Actuary
Base58 learning curve Pupillage Overwrite Procedure
Directors Joint liability Committal proceedings Golden Parachute

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