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Click on a word to get an explanation of term. Short, concise business jargon explained clearly and to the point. Examples used where appropriate. We appreciate that some terms have a different meaning in different industries and we will be glad to add your explanation for your specific industry. Please email at dictionary@scopulus.co.uk. This business dictionary has general meanings as well as industry specific meanings.

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                                              Packet Filtering

                                              Par delictum

                                              Paradigm shift

                                              Parent company

                                              Parental leave policy

                                              Pari passu

                                              Paris Convention

                                              Parliamentary Agent

                                              Passing off


                                              Past Service



                                              Patent Pools


                                              Patents County Court

                                              Pay Back Period





                                              Paying Agent

                                              Payment terms

                                              Payout Period



                                              Pecuniary Legacy

                                              Peel the onion



                                              Penetration Testing

                                              Pension Contributions

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